Day of Inception

The community sapling has finally been planted.


Hello to the wider Innernet and Outernet.

In cooperation with NETeSCAPE, the Community of Starry Point exists starting now.

As a brief introduction, Starry Point is a “town” on a corner of the Innernet. In simple terms, it is the reincarnation of an abandoned town prior, now uploaded as an innersite. For wider public viewing, a mirror is available as an outersite as well at

Starry Point is currently home to three residents. As the other two are somewhat shy, only I will introduce myself, for all who may be giving us their eyes at this time.

I am Lapis Lazuli, one who may be referred to as a “digital witch”. You might see me around under other aliases as well, sometimes even without knowing. It is nice to meet you.

To any traveller or visitor who has stumbled upon this town, I welcome you. Please, do not be afraid to linger. Should you wish to “follow” the events that occur here, I invite you to use the RSS.

While I personally cannot welcome any new residents at the current moment, this site will be updated once it is feasible.

- Lapis Lazuli, Town Manager