A call to the Ether

In the endless expanse of garbage data, does anyone read me?


An introduction.

I realize that I have been re-running the site for Starry Point for a while, yet have never properly introduced myself.

I am Lapis Lazuli, a “digital witch”. I live in the remains of what was once Starry Point, alongside two friends, Razz and Sigil.

In 0002, I uploaded what was left of Starry Point to the Innernet, with the help of some friends at NETeSCAPE. Though, that was already posted in the About section.

My origin of existence is complicated, I don’t want to talk about it here. I am probably not my original self, though.

About this post.

I write this to ask if anyone else is out there, on the Innernet. It seems to be an untapped frontier, and the area around my home is dangerous to traverse.

If anyone is out there, well, I hope to see you soon. For now, I’ll probably keep messing with that other weird machine I found. Stay updated on my own personal travels on my Self Site, if you’re inclined. This site’s News section will be used for any updates regarding the Community of Starry Point, ME.